Computer games (на англ. яз)

Computer games are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Some people claim that teenagers get a lot of benefits playing them. But other people argue that young people should spend their free time going in for sport. Let`s look upon this problem objectively and try to understand it. 
To begin with, computer games develop memory, because when you play it you try to remember all details. Moreover, it develops logical thinking, language and basic computer skills. Apart from that, you can make virtual friends. So it is another way of communication. And if you like each other, you can meet in the future and become close friends. In addition, playing computer games is a good way of entertainment. 
To start with, computer games have a harmful effect on health. First of all, you can spoil your eye sight. Besides, you sit in the same place and don’t move so you can gain weight. Another point to be made is that a lot of games have aggressive moments and this makes teenagers cruel and causes violent behavior. Furthermore, young people spend too much time on this and it can ruin relationships with people. 
To sum up, I would like to stress that the problem has as many strong points as weak points. As for me, I prefer to spend my free time with my parents and friends. Besides, I enjoy going in for sports more than playing computer games.

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